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Your Personal Tutor

Hindi Guru

Discover the joy of speaking to people in their own language.

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Surprise your host on your next visit to an Indian family.
Thrill your grandma by conversing in her vernacular.

Language learning must be motivating or else one can't become skilled at a complete facet of any language. Learning a language can be a tedious job if you don't get the right tool or a teacher who can actually make your learning fun. More so, a language like Hindi which is totally different from English in its script.

The Hindi Guru is a comprehensive Hindi language learning Audio/Visual delight, which promises to make learning fun.

It leads a person to be involved through its interactive content and design. This makes it simple to learn Hindi language. Actually, this learning delight is so effective that one should really be able to talk like a local inhabitant in a short matter of time. Let us examine its features that actually make this software worth buying.

At the FairThis guide contains a very good collection of real life situations that are encountered on a trip to India. They are so well explained with animation that one can't help but explore further.

Here you can also find complete information on Indian culture, real time experience of festivals like Holi, a visit to the Indian bazaar, a trip to Taj Mahal, a trip to an Indian fair and a lot more... actually a fulfilling taste of Indian life.

entertainmentThis multimedia Hindi learning software also includes games, rhymes, and folk tales to peak and sustain user interest. Rhyme and story which make learning easy and interesting are nicely presented along with the text in Hindi script AND a corresponding English translation.

GAMES like Crossword puzzles, Lamp of Learning, Boggle, Patience, and Orient Express are part of this software, which help strengthen the user's understanding of the dialogue, textual material and the local culture in a very simple and easy manner.

Discover the Hindi equivalents of over a thousand commonly used English words or even the meaning of Hindi names.

Learning while reading enchanting stories or even while playing games is the motto of this learning gizmo.

Hindi Guru also provides a feature to check your learning pace with the help of its interactive design and carefully selected contents. Learning and practicing Hindi script helps develop a real essence of the language and makes you efficient - it actually prepares you to become efficient in day-to-day conversations.

valuable reference materialThe program also includes valuable reference material like an encyclopedia that covers related topics such as animals, birds, colors, and the days of the week, a dictionary with over two thousand commonly spoken words, a grammar book that gives explanations and provides an exhaustive reference of Hindi grammar. If you are facing any problem in the program, online help is also available as a guide to the program.

Hindi guru is perfect for beginners and this has been kept in mind while developing this software. The dialogues presented are topical, authentic and contemporary while the games included are refreshing, well developed and easy to use.

This is Hindi guru - a complete package for people interested in learning Hindi language.

Hindi Guru
(Price $24.95)
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ISBN 81-86532-03-X

System Requirements
  • Multimedia PC with 486 or higher processor (Pentium recommended)
  • 8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Audio board
  • Headphones or speakers
  • SVGA 256-colour display
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 Windows 3.1 (or later) with 640 X 480 256-color display, Arial, Arial Bold, Arial Italic, Arial Bold Italic True Type Fonts

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