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Mystica Box Title

Mystica Box

Mystica Pack Mystica Animation

Why are cows worshipped in India? What is the significance of Bindi? How did Ganesha get his elephant head? What is Om?

The answers to these and many more questions are found in indiaMystica - an interactive multimedia journey through the popular beliefs and practices of a 4000 year civilisation.

indiaMystica contains hundreds of pages of text with 400 pictures and illustrations. Over 400 audios, videos and animations bring alive one of the world’s oldest living faiths with the power of multimedia.

Read, watch, hear and experience the mystique of India
  • Beliefs & Concepts
  • Customs & Ceremonies
  • Nature Worship
  • Religious Texts
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Logo Read explanatory text researched from ancient scriptures
Visualise symbols of faith in high quality photographs and illustrations
See myths and legends come alive in vibrant, narrated animations
Discover the sounds of hymns and songs routinely heard in homes and temples
Watch full motion video of ceremonies and festivals as practised for centuries
Hear authentic pronounciation of vernacular words
Look up the comprehensive Glossary for an explanation of unfamiliar terms

indiaMystica will surprise you, it will inform you, it will entertain you !
It will become your world.

Mystica Box
(Price $29.95)

ISBN 81-86532-00-5

System Requirements
  • Multimedia PC with 486 or higher processor (Pentium recommended)
  • 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Audio board
  • Headphones or speakers
  • SVGA 256-colour display
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 or Windows 3.1 (or later) with 640 X 480 256-color display, Arial, Arial Bold, Arial Italic, Arial Bold Italic True Type Fonts


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